Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The back end of last week and so far this week the weather has been brilliant. Sun is shining, hardly a cloud in the sky and the ones that there are seem to be while puffy ones. If it wasn't for the stiff breeze then it could almost be Summer. Time to dust my bike and bring it into work for my lunchtime rides again I think.
I have been letting myself go to rack and ruin these past months. Oh how I wish I had the inner strength to keep on cycling through the Winter like some I read about. On the plus side the clocks change in a few weeks which means lighter evenings too.
I have a Diabetic Clinic appointment sometime in May, which is a couple of days after my niece's wedding in Cornwall and I promised myself that I'd lose some weight for both those reasons. Despite my religious eating of salads instead of crisps, I don't dare weight myself now - it'd be too upsetting.
I wanted to get out on the bike for a ride last weekend, however the building of kitchen cupboards was demanded, and this weekend it looks like I will be fitting them onto the walls - not an easy job as the wall is a stud partition probably only made with one layer of 12.5mm wallboard so I need to support the base of the units with some hidden framework. Not quite figured it out yet but I'm sure I can build it. Nevertheless, its another nice weekend "lost".
The other thing I need to sort out is the new bike rack for the back of the car I got for x-mas. It fits well and good, and I'm sure its capable, but I worry that if I park the car somewhere all someone needs to do is cut the straps and then they have a nice hardly used bike rack which a trip to Halfords would help sort them out with new straps. I need to figure some way of locking it in place, probably to the eye under the rear bumper but I need a lug on the rack to secure it to.

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  1. Hey man! The weather over here has been great too! Went out for a ride over the weekend and a jog last night. As for the trunk rack, can it fit into the trunk when you aren't using it? I toss mine in there, but mine is a cheapo that is small and folds. Hopefully when we get another car we can get the rack for the roof. Hope your doctors visit goes well and I'm sure he will be impressed with your bike physique! :)
    And woot for weddings!