Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Let Us Spray

So as promised here are a couple of photos of the bike in its two coat primed state. My plan was foiled this weekend by the constant interminably cold & breezy weather preventing me from doing any more spraying.

"Why are you spraying outside?" I hear you ask. Well the answer is that I wasn't when I did these two coats the other week. Instead I hung the frame from the rafters of the sun lounge at the rear of our house and sprayed it there. Everything was going great until at the end of the day when I went to get it down I asked Ben to assist me. As soon as he stepped into the room he said "Dad it's awfully dusty in here".

I was about to brush the comment aside with a jokey "yeah that's because your mother sits on her bum eating cakes all day" (a total lie of course), when I looked around properly for the first time and saw......"bloody hell!!!"

It was only then that something triggered in the back of my mind of spraying my VW Beetle over 20 years ago and the bright Apple Green bogeys and nasal hair I got, plus the green dust everywhere. Back then that was in my dads garage. This was a completely different kettle of fish and a bit of a bollock too. Mrs Kung Foo was going to go absolutely &%*$ing spare when she got home from work!

Quick as a flash we had the bike frame unhung and I got a bowl of water and some wipes. As soon as I started moving things about I could see the difference by the white rings under pots and the concrete floor was decidedly dirty looking. Well I did all of the main areas she was bound to notice; the skirting's, the cills, anything that was supposed to be white, and even did the floor - well mostly - and I am pleased (and relieved) to say that a week later on she still hasn't noticed. I have no doubt that one day she will spot the grey tint to something and investigate further and if I cant do a proper job by then I am doomed.

Especially because that night when standing in the sun lounge, she asked me where I had sprayed the frame & I said "tsk! outside of course. I'm not that stupid. It'd make a real mess in here".


  1. Haha! I am sooo telling your wife! Bike looks great man! Very clean looking. Need to get some fire stripes!

  2. Fire stripes? Would that be like flames and bling and stuff? Pimp my bike!

    I'm not commenting on the whole spray the lounge thing. She probably knows anyway :p