Monday, 7 December 2009


If I was to attend a meeting of S.A (Snack-a-holicks Anonymous) I'd have to stand up in front of everyone and confess in my humblest voice "I eat snacks".
Fortunately I don't attend S.A, nor do I go to any other dietry meetings such as Weight Watchers, Fat Busters, Lardy Arses or whatever they're called. However I do know I have a problem with snacking. Not at home mind you. If I was to take the day off work I'd not need to snack, and I do less work at home. However at work I nibble like a mouse.
Usually its crisps. For some reason as I sit at my desk, at around 10.00 or 11.00 I need to eat a packet of crisps.
Following on from the "meat free weekend" I have plenty of humous, salsa & carrot sticks left and instead of taking packets of crisps to work I took a selection of the above. Sure enough, come 10.30 I was in a nibbling mood and dug the pots out of the works fridge and started nibbling. Much more pleasant. Much less fattening.
All I need to do now is work my way around to not needing nibbles at all.

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  1. Man, awesome new background image! As for snacking, try drinking water. Lots and lots of water. It should fill up your stomache so you don't need snacks, has 0 calories (negative if you take into account your body processing it), and gives you something to do. I "graze" all day... have a Little Bites Bagel (very small bagel) with peanut butter in the morning, a few chips (I think thats what you refer to as chips... not fries) called Dorito's Baked (has less calories) around 10, my sandwhich at noon, and an apple around 3. It is good to eat often but little, as it keeps your metabolism going throughout the day and you don't gorge yourself at meals. But water. Lots and lots of water! Soda is terrible for you... If you drink that and cut that out for water you will drop qutie a few pounds real quick!