Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Outbid & Future Plans

Well if you read a previous post of mine a week ago you'll remember I was bidding on a rather nice racing bike on e-bay. Bidding ended at 11.30 last night, and throughout yesterday it seemed to be down to myself and one other who were interested in getting it.

Bidder 2 got the bastard thing!

I was determined to only have a max bid of £50.00, and he/she won it at £53.00. People at work have said "ooh you could have got it with another bid" but they fail to see the long game, which would have seen it increase in price exponentially until it got to the other bidders maximum limit. Without knowing that figure, I could have gone on and on and I would have broken my promise to myself to not spend more than £50.00. So I am not really too unhappy, as there will be others I can bid on and perhaps win.

As a side effect of all of this, my wife said to me last night that the New Forest has cycle trails all over it and that it would be nice to do that in the Summer. For those that don't know, the New Forest isn't new at all, but was planted (I think) back in Henry VIII's time as a place for him to hunt. I guess it was new then and so the names just stuck.

The New Forest is just above Southampton & about 1.5 hours drive from us. The astonishing thing is that apart from 10 minutes around the park when we were teaching Ben to ride, she hasn't been on a cycle since she was a kid. She doesn't own a bike and in past years when I have suggested her riding the 10 minutes to work instead of taking the bus or me collecting her she's always poo-poo'd the idea.

Maybe I'm rubbing off on her.

So right away I looked for women's cycles on e-bay and pointed out to her a nice ladies mountain bike. She said "I don't want one off e-bay. I want to try it first". Jeez!! "But it's going for £30.00 dear" I said. "It's a bargain and looks in good condition" but she was adamant about it so I gave up...for now.

I would be reluctant to buy a new bike for her, considering her eagerness will probably fade in a few months. It also leaves me with the dilemma of storing them. 2 bikes in the shed is a tight squeeze. If I get a racing bike it wont fit, even with KY Jelly smeared all over it, and 4 bikes doesn't even come close. I have considered building an extension to the shed at the rear just to store the bikes, but the plans in my head are going to have to get a bit larger.


  1. What are the running prices of bikes at Evan Cycles or whatever it is called? And yea Ebay is a trickey game... but hopefully you can find one soon! Does the uk have a craigslist? What town do you live in? And maybe if you get your wife cycling, you could convince her to make some money cuts else-where and could finangle enough cash to get a bike in a few months?

  2. oh they're generally no different to anywhere else I guess, but being a specialist bike shop they also have like REALLY expensive ones in there too. No way could I justify buying a new one there, although they may advertise 2nd hand ones inside the shop I guess.

    We do have a Craigslist but it isnt as localised as it is for the States, probably less used in the UK. Nope! I'm determined to get one from e-bay. Theres a few listings on there now Im watching with a few days left on them. I am like a sekrit prowler lurking and then I POUNCE....

  3. Yea, I was looking at the prices and they are the same number amount as here in the states! Which means they are twice the amount after converting from dollars to pounds. Insane!