Monday, 30 November 2009

How Annoyed Can You Get?

Well I can get pretty annoyed! The trouble is that I don't generally let it show and I bottle it up. This isn't a good thing, but that's me I guess.

I was supposed to be off work today on a day off. Instead I'm in work sitting at my desk because last week I discovered I had a tender bid to be submitted to a client today. On this occasion I wasn't actually the one pricing it - it was being priced by another division - but the tender was being sent via myself so to all intents it was my bid to deal with, so I said to my boss that I would come in to sort it out and reschedule my day off until another time.

I switched on my PC this morning to find that I had been emailed the completed bid by our other division and saw that there were some changes needing to be done so cracked on with it. A few minutes ago I asked one of the girls in sales admin' if she had received the programme showing what was going to happen when and she said she had and that it had gone.

I looked at her baffled for a second before questioning her a bit further about it. Apparently my boss had forwarded the completed bid to her and it had been sent to the client at 08.00am this morning!

Is it just me? Am I right to feel a bit pissed off? I mean I walked right past his frigging desk when I came in & said "good morning". I sit within spitting distance (literally, and wish I could spit at him right now), plus he knew I rescheduled my day off to come in to do this. Everything else I have on my desk, although important, is not urgent. Sure I can take the day off another time, but that's not really the issue. NO ONE SAID A F$*&ING WORD!!!!

So not only have I wasted a day off - and thsi is the day I wanted off, not another different day - but I've wasted 2 hours of my time because people can't communicate.

Treated like a mushroom; fed on shit and kept in the dark

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