Friday, 13 November 2009

Holiday Fun

I get 25 days holiday a year at work and often I have a couple of days spare coming up to x-mas that I've kept as contingency planning in case of any last minute things which I take off to do my present shopping.
This year for some reason I have 7 days left to take. We aren't technically allowed to carry them over to the New Year nor do we get paid for them if we don't take them i.e its a case of "take 'em or lose 'em".
I guess I've just been so damned busy this year here that I've not had a chance to take the odd day off here and there. Still busy too so I had a chat with my boss, told him I didn't mind taking them in one go or spreading out about a day a week until x-mas eve, I just don't want to leave the department in the lurch.
We came to an agreement where I take a couple of long weekends and tack the remainder onto either the front or the end of the x-mas holidays - obviously if its in the New Year I have to keep schtum and not let on!
So all told its either going to be a great few weeks with days off here and there, or a really crappy few weeks because if its busy here then I have less time to price the work in.

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