Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Lunchtime Cycling

Today was a much nicer day. Still a bit nippy and the Sun was having a hard time drying out the ground after the overnight rain but I was determined to go out for a lunchtime ride today, even with the crappy gears.

I had promised my friend Stout that I would upload more photo's than just my ugly mug so donning my fleece coat I set off on my usual route. Rather than pressing hard in my today cycling I took it easy, partly because I knew I'd sweat more than a pig roast in my coat and partly because I wanted to stop frequently to take photo's.
Quite near the start of my circuit. It may not look it but its a looong uphill drag for me on the way back unless I got the "wimpy" flat way back.

This is the start of the nice part, about 0.5 miles from my office I guess. It's called The Rye and is quite beautiful with all the fallen leaves this time of year.

The cycle path goes down the edge of a narrow lake which travels the length of The Rye amongst a small woodland.

At this point the footpath goes left and the cycle path goes to the right.

And this is effectively the end of my outward bound journey. The entrance back into The Rye is just barely visible to the very right edge. I have no desire yet to cycle up that road to see where it goes. It looks much too knackering!

Or at least I thought it was the end until I noticed this set of steps around the corner, and figured "what the hell, I'm riding a mountain bike, go for it"
And this is the view back up it. You probably can't see the skid mark left by the rear wheel all the way from the top, but it's on the right somewhere.

Here's my pride and joy

The start of the route back towards the office. Just before this is a steep bit of path deep in leaves & I had to peddle so hard to get up it the rear wheel just kept slipping so I had to walk it. You can just make out a small waterfall left of centre.

And back to the start of The Rye again, looking up the lake I rode along.

I haven't bothered to take photograph's of the rest of the circuit as to be honest its boring and best over with as soon as possible. So thats where I go when I'm at work. Hope you liked it :)


  1. Your pictures make me miss England so much! Looks like a great ride and its awesome you are so close to an off-road path! And that is quite a sexy mountain bike! I have a Magna mountain bike as well but an older and shittier model. (yay for paying $80 at walmart). And geez the leaves are falling! Over here ours are just barely starting to brown. Keep up the good work and keep posting more pictures!

  2. Glad you liked them amte :) I'll take some of the weekend trip on Sunday if the weather holds out. I badly need to get a pressure washer to the bike as its covered in mud and squished berries, plus my coat has skunk marks up the back. Shame the day wasn't sunnier as its beautiful with all the colours then.

    Problem with the leaves is you cant see the slight kerb at the edge of the path so care is needed especially as you sometimes lose where the actual path goes lol.