Wednesday, 25 November 2009

First & Second Weigh-ins

I will endeavour to do this each week on a Sunday night. Probably that's too frequent considering its Winter and x-mas is coming so not only will the goose be getting fat but I'll be busting. I'll see. If I weigh in on a 2 week basis then I might lapse back to laziness so a weekly one is hopefully the best one for consistent monitoring and progress.

I weighed myself on the 18th Nov - exactly a week ago - and was 229.4lb (16st 5.4lb)
This week I am 225.6lb (16st 1.6lb)

The scales looked good and impressive when I saw a drop of nearly 4lb, but converting it to Stones makes it look crap!

I'm not fooling myself. It's probably a blip as I only went cycling the once in the week. Lets see what it's like on Sunday night.

The root of this evil is two fold. In the main its because I like my food. Nah I LOVE my food. Don't get me wrong though, because I don't eat burgers, chips, greasy food etc. Although I have to say I love them, I very rarely eat them. Can't remember my last McDonald's (sadly) or the last time I had chip shop chips or a (drools) Full English Breakfast. On the rare occasion we eat chips at home they're oven ones and "relatively" healthy compared to deep fried ones.

Dinners at home consist of a main course only and is a varied diet of good meat and veg, often white meat rather than red, pasta's & rice with a healthy side salad almost all the time. Once a week I'll make a soup for us all from fresh ingredients. The problem is the quantity of the food. A main course in a restaurant would probably be 2/3 or 3/4 of the size of the food on my plate. I have had times in the past when I have loved the flavour of the meal so damned much that even when I was full I wanted more and would have taken it if there was any left over.

Its not totally eating the food because its there in front of me, although I was brought up in a home with parents who were in the R.A.F & had to endure WWII rationing, a mother who used to admonish me at the dinner table about "there's starving children in Cambodia who would die to eat a meal like this" if I didn't like something or was full up before the plate was empty. No my problem is the flavour and texture of the food. I live to savour the combination of tastes on my tongue. Sod sweets, deserts, etc, I can live without them all, but savoury food is like a drug to me.

The second reason I am fat is due to my illness. Sure I was overweight before I was ill, but after they sliced me from gut to gizzard then failed to stitch me up for over 6 months I had/have no stomach muscles across my abdomen and no feeling there any more. No longer can I suck in my stomach when I want to appear butch; it just don't work! Consequently I have a stomach which looks like "Son of Goodyear Blimp". It stops me rolling over and out of the bed though so there's a plus side eh?

Anyway enough of my wanderings for now. Onwards and upwards...or downwards if we're talking weight.

I placed a bid on a vintage racing bike on e-bay today but its got 6 days left on it. If the bidding gets above £50.00 then I'll look at another, as that's my limit I think. Nice looking bike though


  1. That is a sexy bike and quite a steal if you can nab it for $50. Erm pounds. (My keyboard doesn't have that button). You also might want to look at (your version) of Goodwill (thrift stores or secondhand stores). I found a pretty nice road bike from one of those once.
    As for the weight, remember its not always about losing the weight. Its also about getting fit. Muscle weighs more than fat, so eventually you will start gaining weight (or losing less than you feel you should) because your legs will be bulking up. As bad as he is... Matthew McCaughneghy had a good quote, "Do something that makes you sweat everyday". Whether that be walk up and down two flights of stairs or running a marathon.

    As for the food, eating small and often is the way to go! Just make lots of little meals and graze through the day!

  2. The "do something that makes you sweat every day" usually comes with getting rid of the food I ate the day before! :-)

    We have a web service called "Freecycle" in the UK - you may have it in the US - where anyone who doesnt want something advertises it for free for anyone who wants to collect it. Its a good idea but not well enough known to be a place I could definitely get a racing bike from. Other than that we have second hand shops but generally they call themselves antique shops. The "antique" bit more refers to the owner though than some of the crap they sell. e-bay is really my best bet. Im certain I can get one for the price I want but I expect a bidding war, plus its dangerous to bid on more than one item at a time in case I win two (or more) bikes lol. My wife'd have a fit. Bidding one at a time may take longer but will eventually win out.