Sunday, 1 November 2009

Getting fit - ish

So I decided a couple of weeks ago to get fit. Actually that's a lie, because I didn't decide to get fit per se, but to really just get some exercise. Of course me being me I chose the time to do this just as the summer ended and the wind, rain and cold nights draw in. Bloody typical!

I've tried jogging in the past, but it kills the feet and ankles, plus its knackering. I've tried gym's but they're too expensive (can you believe I used to go to a gym 3 times a week in my 20's?), and the exercise bike in the conservatory is more often used to hang clothes on than to ride.

It was at my sisters wedding that I got speaking to my niece & her partner, with suspiciously unsubtle hints from my brother in law about cycling. They all cycle and I thought to myself (without letting on that they might be winning the argument) that I could use my eldest son's mountain bike to do some riding.

After a clean up of the hardly used cycle I bought some bits; water bottle, trip computer, puncture repair kit, lights, and headed out for my first circuit. I chose a short route around Reading's back streets, across the main road into town and then round the back of Globe Park where the footie stadium is. A total distance of only about 5 miles but good for a fat and admittedly lazy old bastard like me.

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  1. Awesome! Cycling is great! I tried running, but I don't like that when you stop working you literally stop moving. Cycling lets you take mini breaks whenever you want (sans up hills) and keeps you moving. Not only that, but you can cover great distances and see some downright amazing things at the same time! The difference between a road bike and a mountain bike are tremendous. If you did 5 miles on the mtn bike you can easily do 20 on a road bike. Check my site for some other great blogs by bikers. MNbicyclecommuter is awesome, he rides to work every single day. Up in Alaska is about a lady who bikes all around the US but is stationed in Alaska. Her pictures are breathtaking! And NobMob is Justin's (from black temple) website for his New Zealander buddies. Great pictures and "How-Tos" there! Keep this blog rolling, the fitness potential of cycling is great!