Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Changing Tack

I had an epiphany today. My slap in the face came with reading someone elses blog & realising that I'm basically a sheep in wolf's clothing. Hell Im not really even disguised as a wolf, more a poodle (but not a pink one). Oh yeah I guess I need to be a little less cryptic so I'll explain; I only recently began cycling and it coincided with the change from "pleasantly mild" weather to "jeeez its cold" and changing the clocks so that its dark in the mornings and at nights. None of these facts are condusive to a beginning cyclist getting out there. Sure there are weekends but I know thats not enough for me to lose weight.

Then there's the bike. I have my eldest sons bike which we bought him some years ago and he rarely used. Its an MTB with sprung forks, rear suspension and offroad tyres. Its good for trials I guess and okay for getting from A to B but its essentially a bike which is built for riding a couple miles on Sundays and eventually getting bored with when I need something I can increase my daily mileage on and not become a factor in me becoming bored with the activity.

I dont want to sell the MTB (I still want to do some proper off road stuff) but I now realise I need to get a proper road bike or touring bike. I dont need anything special so cheap second hand is what I am now definitely going to be looking for. I know its going to cost money we cant really afford to waste, but at the end of the day if it improves my health I see this as a bonus for myself and my family and thus money well spent.

The other thing is I will be noting my weight on this blog so as to maintain my new sense of direction. I think I'll change the name of the blog too. I need to make it more "cycling" orientated. This is probably the hardest thing - need a good name...hmmm.


  1. Awesome and good for you! Like I said, 5 miles on a mountain bike is like 10 on a road bike, possibly even more. But remember, thinner tires pop easier so make sure you always have a spare tube or patches and now how to change it out. I lost 29 pounds (184 to 155) since I bought my bike, although that was more from eating better. Your legs will get strong as hell though and toned!