Friday, 27 November 2009

Swine Flu Jab

I had today off as a holiday. At 11am I went to the doctors to get my Swine Flu jab.

I cant say whether I was either way fussed about it. Ben had told me one of his friends at school had been given it a week or so ago and it was one of those multiple needle things, and that wouldn't have been pleasant tbh.

As it transpired it was the fastest service Ive ever had there. I walked in, told the receptionist who I was, sat down for about 2 minutes and was called in to the nurses room. All they asked was whether I wanted the left or right arm done - I opted for the right, rolled up my sleeve and they stuck me with the bugger.

It was just a normal looking needle and I have to confess it was the least painful jab Ive ever had. I almost didn't feel a thing. They didn't even ask if I was allergic to anything, like eggs, bacon, snicker bars, whatever (maybe they should have, I dunno).

I rolled down my sleeve, asked if there was anything else and when I was told "no" I walked out. Now that's what I call efficient. Shame my doctor wasn't there to learn a few things. The nurse told me that I might feel a little sore later on, and starting around about 5pm my arm began to ache around the area of the injection. It feels like a bad bruise or they hit the muscle or something but hopefully it'll be better my morning.

The good news is that I think I might have managed to get the house insurance sorted out. It'll take until next week to know for sure, so here's hoping.

The bad news is I didn't manage to get out on my planned bike ride today. I feel pretty bad about that, but I really did have to get this insurance stuff sorted and it just took time.

On the very positive side of today I was up with the larks this morning and took Ben to school in the car. I think its the first time Ive actually seen him in his new school uniform and he looked really smart. I was pretty proud of him, looking all grown up.

Both of us are hoping to get out for a ride this weekend - we already have a new route planned which involves some gentle offroading. Should be real fun if the weathers good.

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  1. I think its funny I read this one -after- reading the second one.