Saturday, 21 November 2009


I should be working. Yeah I know it's Saturday but I do actually have stuff to do. Instead I was browsing some websites and saw a lovely bike, which got me to thinking "I wonder what other beauties are out there". So knowing Google is my friend, I did a search and found these great bikes:

Not exactly a workout riding this one, but it would go on my x-mas list

The IF Mode, while not quite as compact, has all the right looks

The "On-Concept" below from Cannondale includes an integral SRAM 9 speed hub...and it folds up too!

Not sure Id feel very safe on this thing, but its only a concept, and unlikely that Id ever be able to afford it even if it was in production.

"Wood"n't say no to this either, but woodworm might be an issue.

Matt Clark, an industrial designer from Southern California, has designed this new recycleable inversion-1 bike, made from recycled plastics its the ultimate in eco friendly. Not only are you helping save the planet by cycling, you're saving it by reducing the production and manufacturing of raw materials.

And then on the flip side of the eco friendly coin theres this

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