Monday, 2 November 2009

MEDIIIIC...Bike Repairs Needed - STAT!

I went out today for my now usual lunchtime cycle of 45 minutes. I'd like to say to anyone who knows me personally that I DO NOT stop off at the burger bar on the way through the park and just come back to work pretending that I've cycled miles! Much as I'd love a burger, and the smell is soooo good, I can resist. I'm a man for gods sake!! mmm burgers...sigh!

Something which was troubling me on and off was my gears slipping and this has now become a regular thing. The bike has 15 gears - a fact I only discovered by accident - but for some reason I can only get "grip" in the lowest or highest gears. I'll try to explain; The left hand handlebar grip has numbers 1,2 & 3 and the right hand grip has 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, so giving me 15 gears of joy to conquer any mountain of doom. However, irrespective of whether the left hand grip is in any gear, I can only get the right hand 1 and 5 to engage so the chain doesn't slip - at least I think its the chain. Its that kind of feel anyway, of the chain missing half the teeth on the coggy thing.

This could be seen as more of a workout. I can only peddle like Road Runner or like Neo from the Matrix, so I get more of a burn. Trouble is I came back to work today sweating like a pack mule in the Sahara...not good.

I need to look at the problem a bit anyway, but I took the precaution of phoning a bike shop who will charge me £29.99 for a "service" on it. I'm considering this as the easy option as for sure if I do it myself I'll end up with screws and springs flying around. It could just be the chain needs tightening, but to what I couldn't say. Dammit how hard can it be eh? I'm a man FFS!!

Yeah maybe the bike shop is the best bet, seeing as I'm a man.


  1. :P May I (strongly) suggest you pick up the book "Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance"? It was recommended by quite a few very avid mountain bikers for me (when I had no road bike) and it is a damn good book covering everything you will ever ever need to know about your mountain bike. As for your problem, if I am understanding correctly, you might want to look at where your derailleur guide is placing the chain at each gear. Your chain should be running through a small gate right before it gets to the gears on the back wheel. When you shift gears, that "gate" should move a little bit towards the tire or away from the tire. That is what allows the chain to move up and down the gears. The gate should be attached somewhere on the bike ans should have a few screws. Tightening or loosening these screws will change the location of the gate and might allow the chain to be grabbed by the gears.

    But, taking the bike to the shop might be a good idea. Especially if it hasn't been ridden in awhile the bike shop can get it fine tuned for you.

  2. Yup I have Zinn as well.

    2 votes now for shop. If the gears are that ugly, other stuff needs a service too :)