Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Bike Part Problem

Throwing this out there in case anyone can assist me.

I'm about ready to respray Ben's new frame but before I do I wanted to get some cable "clips" for the frame. To explain; the frame itself has no eyes on it for routing the brake or gear cables from front to rear. It looks like it never had any either, which is unusual afaik.
Normally I'd expect to see one or two at each end of the crossbar, and a couple on the rear of the frame, as well as a "stop" one for when the cable ends at the gear/rear wheel hub. But nothings there and no signs of anything having been used.

I popped to the local specialist bike shop and they told me they'd never heard of them being retro fitted to a frame - always coming pre-welded on. Now I'm certain I've seen a blog by someone somewhere where they bought these to fit by drilling the frame and screwing them in, but damned if I can find it nor can I see anything in Google to fit their description.
Obviously being a complete cake-head, I dont actually know what they're called, and I guess I could use plastic cable ties but they just look a bit unsightly and wouldnt hold the cables away from the frame which could result in rattling noises.

So can anyone track them down or at least tell me what they're called?

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