Monday, 11 January 2010

Interesting Cycle Blogs

In an attempt to while away the boredom brought on by the freezing temperatures, snow, ice and generally inclement weather for sensible people to cycle in, I have been trolling the internet for things to keep my mind "cycling orientated".
The Guardian Newspaper
I came across this interesting blog page from The Guardian newspaper devoted to cycling. Not only is it a blog, but it also hosts a podcast which you can listen to on-line or download to your iPod / media player. Its only updated monthly but seems to be well done so far.
Bicycle Tutor
Check out this site! Video tutorials on practically anything you need to know on assembling, maintaining, adjusting and cleaning your wheeled pride and joy. Definitely a bookmark "keeper" in any cyclists web browser.
Both of those sites have links to other cycling related sites, which in get my drift?
One of the sites which I really wanted to link here I cant find now. Ive no idea where it was or came from but it showed two fantastic video's of an event which takes place in Denmark every year where loads of people in what look like bikes with "bullet shaped" covering shells cycle a long route. As the country has a massive cycle path network this is all done in relative safety, but these futuristic looking bikes (trikes really I suppose) are amazing.
By the way, did you know that in Copenhagen a third of the people there cycle to work, school or University? There are about 217 miles of cycle route around the city, and cyclists have priority over cars and pedestrians at any major junction or traffic lights! They also apparently have a different kind of cycle on the Continent. The most common bike there uses enclosed gears and chain so reducing the need for maintenance caused by dirt. When you consider how grotty exposed deraileur's and chains get, just this somewhat minor difference must be quite a good thing to have.

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  1. A coworker is looking at getting the enclosed gears and chains on a fixie. Should be interesting to see if he does! It has been far too cold to go cycling... at all. Although after reading MNBicycle Commuter and Arctic Glass, I feel like I should be. Oh well.

    Here's to longer days and warming temps!