Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Murder on My Cycle Route

Before I get to the story, my apologies for generalising here, but I always have the feeling that life in the USA is fraught with gun battles, murder, muggings, and various other nefarious goings on. This is probably wholly untrue and simply my imagination from watching too much T.V. So I was going to start with an apology to any Americans reading if this story didn't seem to be an unusual event.
I wasn't really shocked to hear that someone had been killed in Reading this week, as it does happen occasionally. However this morning on local radio I heard it was an 18 year old woman, murdered, stabbed, and her body was found on a path next to the River Kennet in Whitley. On reading the local news site it transpires that it was on my favoured bike route where I do a circuit of Green Park (you can see my photos of this route in previous posts).

I cycle right under the above underpass which the main road passes over. Indeed I have even taken Ben on this route a couple of times also. Its stunning to think that something so ghastly has happened virtually on my doorstep.
The underpass has a rather steep path either side of the tunnel, and its always been a great place to get some speed up but despite it being only short is quite dark underneath even in daylight and there has always been a little bit of me which thought "nasty" people may be sheltering there. To be honest this helps somewhat in my need for speed through this bit.

Fortunately due to the inclement weather we've been having over the past month or so I haven't taken this route on any cycling rides. I would consider another route too from now on.
Apparently the police have arrested a 19 year old man in connection with the murder and if he's responsible I hope he gets life. My thoughts go out to Asha's family & friends. Its a terrible thing to happen - to end someones life for no reason whatsoever other than your own evil.
Here's the story

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  1. We have our fair share of muggings and robberies and the B&A path I ride on has had quite a few killings on it (along with many other paths around). Perhaps once I get back out on the trail I will take some pictures of the ghettos the B&A traverses. It also doesn't help a lot of homeless people sleep on the path, making morning commuted a bit scary. While I was over in England I did feel much -MUCH- more safe. Even when walking along the cotswold way and getting lost back in the country. It's sad that you can't walk around the US like that without carrying a weapon in case something does happen.

    Sorry to hear about your story and good idea to skip that portion. Going under a pass never sounds like a solid idea!