Sunday, 3 January 2010

Long Time - No Post

Been a while since I last updated, pretty much because nothing has really been happening...well except for Christmas (belated merry x-mas all) and welcoming in the New Year (belated happy New Year all).

Today I finished rubbing down the old paint on Ben's bike frame and forks. All those finnicky little areas where the welds and joints are were a pain and rubbing out the surface rust took time. I'll probably give it a going over with some fine wet-and-dry paper before the first coat of primer though. Problem is it's so cold outside I can't spray it properly, and my wife would go ape if I did it indoors. Maybe I'll have a go on the forks and see how the cold affects the finish.

Ben's decided on a mix of red and white for the top coat so looking at some of the bikes in the local shop gave me an idea of a nice split between the two colours.

I bought a front and rear mudguard in the sales, the idea was to use them for my bike but I may keep them to use with his bike - another part I don't need to concern myself about and they look cool. For x-mas he got a trip computer so I will also fit that to his new handlebars when I get it all finished.

Talking of x-mas I got some neat cycling stuff. Firstly I got a 365 page book of cycling and walking circuits throughout the UK. Obviously a lot of them are way too far to travel to but theres some decent ones locally and a lot within driving distance which will be nice when the weather warms up, which brings me to the second - and probably best prezzie which was a bike carrier for the car.

Following Christmas day it rained for a few days and was freezing, but a couple of days ago I managed to try the carrier out on the back of the car and was pleased and a bit relieved that it fits perfectly and is as solid as a rock. I can see some great cycling adventures coming up for us with this present. No longer are we restricted to how far we can cycle from the front door, but we can go out for the day to far away places and ride with packed lunches and do what real men do in the woods and stuff - which I am reliably informed by Ben is to go for a poo and wipe with leaves!

As for my own cycling, well I havent been out on my bike all holiday. I'm gutted! Its been quite busy really and the days have flown by. I'm sure I have put on weight but have not weighed myself recently. Having said that, with the exception of x-mas dinner, I've managed to eat healthily and not overdo it.

So thats it for now - another update in a weeks time, hopefully with more interesting stuff to relate.

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