Sunday, 4 July 2010

Afternoon Pub Ride

The supposed rear puncture in my Hybrid failed to materialise. I checked it in the morning and although it seemed like it might be down a fraction, it wasn't enough to convince me it was a slow puncture and not my imagination. Either way, my tyre was definitely down the other night. Might be the valve so I'll get it into a bucket of water later.

Ben and I took a jaunt on our bikes along the Kennet & Avon Canal to Burghfield after lunch & stopped in The Cunning Man pub for a drink before heading back more or less the way we came. Ben had a pint of Blackcurrant & Lemonade & I had a bottle of Becks Blue. We sat outside in the garden and relaxed. It was very pleasant.

Wasn't as hot today and for some reason we had a head wind in both directions. Route HERE

Distance: 7.99 miles
Time: 1hour 2 minutes 11 seconds
Average Speed: 7.7 mph
Maximum Speed: 15.2 mph

EDIT: Just saw this on Flicker. Ring Ring....Bananaman?


  1. good grief, is that bananas riding a bicycle?

  2. Sure is :) Not entirely sure if thats the front or rear view but you can just make out the guys head so Im thinking its rear.

  3. Why are you looking for pictures of bananas on flickr

  4. Because I couldnt find any decent ones of Kylie

  5. Nothing better than a beer after a bike!