Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Prezzies - Wot I Got :)

Well in case anyone wondered what I got:

Numero uno present from my wife and kids was a Satmap Active 10 GPS. This device is amazing. Apparently they had bought it before I even dropped a hint that I'd like one! The screen is a full colour 3.5 inches corner to corner display with an inbuilt map of the UK and major cities of the world. Extra maps which go down to 1:50000 and 1:25000 can be bought on SD cards - I'm going to get a 1:25000 map of the local area soon as I can.

It is primarily a handheld device of very rugged construction but they do two types of bike mounts as well - next on the list to buy also. So far I have walked up the end of the garden and back a few times and known exactly where I was on all occasions!

If you're interested in them this is their website HERE

I also got a pair of long trousers - the kind with the zip on/off legs to convert them to shorts, and a pair of 3/4 length shorts for cycling in, a fiction book and a £20.00 Waterstones gift card.

Quite sensibly my wife said she didn't buy me a cake because I probably wouldn't eat it. I love cake but she was correct and it would have been a battle of wills & conscience for me to stop from eating it.

The GPS is going to do down to Cornwall with us next week for a proper trial. Also the following week we are then hoping to go to the New Forest for a few rides and I will take it then too. I was hoping to camp there for a few days but after trying half a dozen campsites I have given up as they're all fully booked. Instead we will just drive back and forwards daily which isn't really that far.

The one hiccup to the holiday is that I will have to take my eldest son up to Wolverhampton University one day because of the stupid legal criteria the Law has for people who want to register to be in charge of children. Its not the fact that they need to do police checks on everyone to see if they're "bad people" - I totally agree with this, but its the fact that the University must see the person face to face to sign the form rather than posting/emailing/faxing it. Wolverhampton's a fair drive, especially for just a dumb signature from a clerk, then turn around and go home again. Even worse if the student was coming from abroad or Scotland I guess.


  1. Dude, that looks like an awesome gps! Both for biking and car riding! Congrats and happy birthday! (we had a shoutbox happy birfday over on knightly)

  2. I've been thinking about buying a GPS lately, I think this will sway me. It would be fun to just wander the country side with no sense of direction and let the GPS find your way back.

  3. Super cool prezzies mate glad you had a great Birthday