Sunday, 25 July 2010

Life On The Ocean Waves

Family KFS are down in Cornwall...well minus one who decided they wanted to stay at home and be boring playing WoW and eating fattening microwave meals. We drove down Saturday afternoon, getting stuck in two traffic jams; one at Bristol and one near Launceston in Cornwall. Probably something to do with the radio reporting that a third of the country were also heading off on holiday this weekend!

Arrived at St Mawes on Cornwall's south coast around 5.30pm where my sister cooked us a wonderful meal of roast lamb and vegetables. They have a fabulous house and its like living in a scaled down palace.

This morning Ben got to go out on one of their three boats - a "shrimper" working boat with my brother in law - and they entered a race with other boats of the same type. It was a beautifully sunny day with a light wind but they got off to a bad start (i.e last) but by the time they reached the first buoy they had caught up with the rest of the racers. After two circuits, including a near miss coming about around a buoy with another "shrimper", they came home in third place. We watched the whole race from the balcony of the house and it was quite exciting.

After that we joined them on their lobster boat and motored around the headland to where they have some pots on the seabed. Unfortunately most of the crabs were under size and had to be thrown back, but we did get two large (quite aggressive) crabs plus a decent sized lobster. On the return journey we also caught a mackerel  on a line towed behind the boat. 
We then returned t o the house for a snack before our hosts went off to a BBQ and we went into the village for a meal. Ben and I were very healthy and had chicken goujon salad whereas my wife had a meal of ham, eggs and chips. Having said that, both meals were very well prepared and excellent.

Got a bit of a sunburn on my arms and neck today but its not painful at all. Must get some suntan lotion tomorrow. I think we're ff to St Ives or possibly St Michael's Mount.

Sorry no photo's today but will get some up on later posts this week.