Thursday, 1 July 2010

Dangerous Bus Driving

Fellow blogger and cyclist Clive of The Massive MTBer posted this short video a little while ago

As You can see, the bus driver, which I believe was driving close to the school where it collects and drops off children, has a narrow miss from hitting Clive who was wearing his normal hi-viz cycling gear. The bus driver swore he never saw Clive, which is significant for two reasons

1. If he didn't see him then Clive is even luckier to still be around! What was the driver doing at the time then when he ought to have been driving with due care and attention?
2. If he didn't see Clive then why is he indicating when he pulls in and nearly wipes Clive off the road? Did his arm accidentally lean on the indicator stalk as he fell asleep or lit his fag?

Either way, Clive hasn't let this rest and has communicated with The Green Bus Company his concern and upset at the incident. Hes quite obviously being given the run around by the management who appear to have done little or nothing to investigate and report back.

You can read the original blog post here LINK

And his follow up with copies of communications here LINK

Clive needs our support in this. Things have to change with regards to how vulnerable we are as cyclists both on the road and being seen as sub-par road users not worth the recognition. Too many deaths and accidents occur and will continue as long as things like this are left to be ignored.

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