Tuesday, 22 June 2010

e-bay annoyance

uhh! The sellers being painful. I accept some people want to protect their anonymity but they can stretch the bounds of it a bit far really! I deliberately source local sellers up to 30 miles away when I want to buy things, and this blokes only in Hook, a 15-20 minute drive away. I've just heard back from him (24 hours after the acution completed) & hes upset I dont have Paypal & suggests recorded delivery of my payment.

Well buddy thats going to cost me another £5.00 on top of your demand that the bike be delivered by courier at a £25.00 cost to me.....youre only 20 frigging minutes drive away!!

Jeezuuus I even offered to go 50/50 with you on the delivery cost if I collect it so for us both its win-win.

EDIT: Just set up a Paypal account and transferred the money. Have to admit its a lot easier than it used to be a few years ago when you had to do forms and forms and then a transfer of a penny to test it blah blah blah. None of that now!


  1. Paypal will cost him something like 3.5% + 20p.
    On a bike costing say £500 this will cost him ~£18.

    I've won 3 bikes over the last few weeks and I've failed to actually get hold of any of them.

    One person decided that he couldn't post it because the post office wouldn't accept it unless it was boxed.

    One person wanted £75 to post the bike and wouldn't let me arrange my own courier

    The thrid person is never at home for me to collect the thing. I've been trying for over a week now.

  2. I got my mountain bike of ebay it cost me £58 the woman only lived bout 5 miles away drove there and picked it up no probs.

    Yeah paypal is very easy theses days

  3. Yeap, I gave in, got me a PayPal account. I will say after of over 100 buys, I've never had a problem

  4. Im a bit concerned that I havent received delivery yet.