Sunday, 13 June 2010

Weekly Weigh In & National Bike Week (Coming Soon)

Last week - 217.1 lbs (15.51st)
This week - 219.2 lbs (15.66st)

In fact I'm the same weight as I was 2 weeks ago! BUMMER!!

To be honest after the little scare with the blood sugars last week I havent been doing any exercise, and this weekend I spent two full days replacing the gate & extending the frame on the side of the house. I actually enjoyed doing it, however this is probably only because for one of the rare occasions in my DIY life everything went right...ish - well no major problems anyway.

Next weekend is the start of National Bike Week (19th - 27th June). There was a 4 page spread on it in the free local paper (thanks go to Mr Paperboy who for once in a blue moon actually delivered it to us), with activities in Reading all weekend and throughout the week. I'll post more on that during the course of this coming week.

For now if you are interested in whats going on Nationally, or just in your area, take a look here LINK


  1. I'm the world's worst DIYer, though I love the idea of being able to do such things, gardening, decorating, and especially maintaining my bike. However, I'm a thinker not a doer, but today I got up and did a bit! Yes I did a bit, a little bit, it has to be said, but I did it. The key, yes you've got it, it all went well from the start, the house was empty, no distractions etc.. So I went for it, and did a fair job, I wish I could say excellent, but I'd be lying, and I managed to wallpaper a small wall. Three hours later, it's still on the wall, what can I say?

  2. As it goes, I did a bit of DIY instead of riding myself tonight. A bird feeder and two hooky things on he main gate and the shed door mean that I haven't added to my June100 mileage. Roll on tomorrow evening!