Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June - An Epic Month?

Completely forgot to weigh myself on Sunday night. However this is not a bad thing as I would not have liked to see the +++ weight gain on the scales caused my my week of debauchery & gluttony...well maybe not the debauchery bit...sadly.

Last month, (ignoring weight loss or gain) I cycled 36.8 'real' miles on the mountain bike & 54 'phantom' miles on the exercise bike. For a lot of people reading those figures, they may seem piddly and lets face it a fraction of what many of you do in a day, but for me its a major step from zero to at least something. Also a good 50 percent of those real miles were fairly heavy going off road terrain.

This month though is going to be E.P.I.C. I may not come close to or exceed the real miles, but I'm going to make those exercise bike miles crumble. Right now I feel that I can achieve my lowest weight yet by the end of the month & as long as I can maintain this state of mind I will feel better & stronger for it in 30 days time.


  1. No worries mate, you'll piss it!

  2. You dont have to do mammoth miles to make a difference....It's all about exercise at the write intensity for the write length of time, more on both accounts can cause stress and damage.

    I only achieve the distances that I do because I have prepared myself to do so! and it takes an awful lot of time!

  3. Good stick-to-it-ness. And yes, June is going to rock, let's ride on.