Monday, 31 May 2010

Stuff From This Week

I kind of fell off the wagon this past week & up until yesterday have done no exercise at all.

Saturday - went for a nice bike ride with Ben (already posted about that)
Sunday - drove down to Cornwall & ate heartily
Monday - ate all freaking day and night
Tuesday - drove back to Reading with the worst back pain ever
Wednesday - back to work. worked late
Thursday - worked late again
Friday - managed to get the tender submission finished. Not a bad one either at £1.2m
Saturday - shopping in the morning & spent virtually all afternoon preparing the evening meal. It took so long as I was making it up as I went along, but turned out really great.
Sunday - Ben & I cycled down to the town via the Kennet & Avon Canal towpath; a really nice ride, and bought him a new mobile phone to replace the one 'someone' (yes I'm looking at you Mrs Sausage!) managed to put through the washing machine & tumble dryer. The insurance company wouldn't pay up even though we lied so sod paying that again. Bought stuff for dinner but my home made ratatouille wasn't as good as normal.
Today - overcast & breezy. May go for a ride later on but I could do with spending some time tidying & sorting things out here.

Oh and I've been scoping out e-bay listings for racing bicycles.
I bid on two over the course of this week, both Carrera Tour de France models which look quite nice. One finished yesterday which went for £225.00. The max I was prepared to bid was £160.00 - yes I am tight! The other one is this one but it doesn't look as nice & its a slightly larger frame at 52cm so I'm thinking it might be a little too big for me and I don't think I'll bother bidding any more on it. I may change my mind if it ultimately looks like its going cheap though.

This week I MUST get more exercise in as last week with no exercise and all that food must have really buggered up my weight.


  1. Slightly larger at a 52cm frame.... Yippee! I've found someone smaller than me :)

  2. Well to be honest I have no idea what frame size I need. It just seemed to be large.

  3. Sounds like a busy week man! Perhaps you could go get fitted at a bike shop? Tell them you are looking to buy, get completely fitted out, then say you'll think about it. That way you can know what size to look for online!