Friday, 7 May 2010

Bikes Ready To Go

I took this morning off because the salesnob from British Gas was coming round to quote for a new boiler, then worked from home this afternoon.

After Mr Salesnob left I had time to do some things to the bikes, such as fit Bens bottle cage properly to his bike, and I tried to fit the new under-saddle bag but his rear mudguard goes up too high and interferes with it. Oh well.

Next on the agenda was to take off the old one & fit my new bike computer. That was all simple and quickly done. The setting up of it was what too kthe time. Dont get me wrong, I can programme phones, DVD players, TV's, and even know the back end of MS Windows reasonably well, but this effing bike computer the size of a matchbox took bloody ages. I suppose if the instructions werent in Pidgin English I might have done it faster. As it stands, I think randomly pressing a combination of the 3 buttons in different menu's finally cracked it. Still unsure as to what everything does but after a couple of rides I ought to figure it out.

Weather looks a bit iffy for the Ride It event tomorrow though.

1 comment:

  1. I feel your pain regarding programing bike computers. I finally mastered one and now that is the only style I use on all 4 of my bikes.