Wednesday, 5 May 2010

A Little Weighty Maths

I measured my height today and went to a Body Mass website to see what BMI I was and out of curiosity, what weight I would need to be in order to fall into the lower categories.

(I am assuming that there is no possibility that I will grow a few extra inches)

Current height = 68"
Current weight = 220.2lb
Current BMI = 33.4 (obese)

If I get my weight down to 196lb then I fall into the "overweight" category with a BMI of 29.8.
If I get my weight down to 164lb then I fall into the "normal" category with a BMI of 24.9.

I kind of wish I hadn't done this calculation as "normal" seems dauntingly far away. I can see "overweight" being achievable though.


  1. I think mate we can get ourselves in a state over BMI but it comes down to how we feel about our self well thats wot I think mate

    I think ure doing realy well matey

  2. BMI is generally bollocks mate, take the pro rugby players at my club. All of the forwards would fall into the "obese" category and most of the back would be overweight. Let me tell you they're all amazingly fit athletes and I wouldn't tell them they're overweight!

  3. Yea man, BMI is bullshit. As Clive shows, muscle weighs more than fat, and since the only measurements taken to calculate BMI is weight and height, guys that are ripped as hell can be considered morbidly obese. And to see some of this in action, take a look at this, which shows what real people look like and their BMI category.

    If you want a real way to track your "health" other than just how you feel, go get a body fat percentage check.

  4. BMI is crap. Tells me I'm overweight the cheeky form of fat math.

  5. Yeah I can see your reasoning about it, however its the method my diabetic clinic use to measure me by so I was curious. The other thing they do is to measure my waist, however thats cack too because of the hernia mesh inside and not having any stomach muscles since the operation.

  6. Just read this, which is another "simple yet unaccurate" measure of overall health.