Saturday, 22 May 2010

Uploading Video & Weigh In

Doing these video's is confuddling! I gather YouTube only allows a max 100mb file and a max 10 minutes video. That means our bike ride video would need to be cut into...umm...loads of smaller videos. That's crap (plus I'm not so sure how to do it anyway).

So I can't upload any video tonight as I'm going to have to read up on how to do these things with Windows Movie Maker. Sorry. I just watched it all through and the first bit isn't "great" as I had the camera pointed too far down really. Looks like a handlebar mount may be a better solution. Having said that, there are some good bits, but Id like to upload it all so family can also see it.

On another negative note, I put on weight this week. I knew it was going to happen as I haven't been on the exercise bike once and had some bad meals, but its still a blow. 219lbs. Tomorrow we go out with family for a meal, then we're staying in a hotel for 2 nights with complimentary full English breakfast, then theres the wedding on Monday with a large BBQ afterwards plus an evening thing afterwards....I am looking at some serious temptation.

Oh God just thinking of those full English breakfasts is making me drool. Its been sooo many years since I had one. Plus I found this article HERE which is quite good at explaining the calories.

I particularly like these lines: "This kind of breakfast is acceptable once in a while, if the rest of your diet is well balanced," and "Have your egg poached and choose wholemeal toast over fried bread. If you have reasonable portions of bacon, sausage and egg and load up on mushrooms, baked beans and tomatoes, a cooked breakfast can provide a really nutritious, well-balanced start to the day."

Woohoo I'll have 2 then!


  1. If you want to upload the whole video, speed it up? Thats how I got a 15 minute clip up.

  2. I used Windows Live movie maker for my long Chelsea Football clips

    Joby is the man
    ( never thought I wud say that) lol
    for all this geeky stuff

    Enjoy ureself mate

  3. Yea, you can split up the video or sped it up to meet those requirements. Or consider loading it up to Vimeo or even the blogger service.
    And you recall my wife's reaction to our first English Braekfast. haha

  4. I was always LQQKing for a word to describe my condition. I've finally found it. "Cunfuddled ing" Thank you. :-)