Sunday, 16 May 2010

More Video Testing & Weekend Antics

Very busy weekend.
On Saturday after dropping my wife to work Ben & I carried on into town as I have to get a new shirt and tie for my niece's forthcoming wedding. My big problem with shirts is that I have a 19.5" neck. I've had a large neck ever since I can remember and so consequently every shirt I own I have never been able to do the top button up on, only rely on the tie to hold it all together.

The last time I bothered to buy one that fitted around the neck was probably a decade ago, and I had to buy it in "High and Mighty", a clothes shop which tells you what they sell simply by the name. The problem with buying shirts there is that okay the neck fits, but the shirt is like a spinnaker sail on me. Any strong gust of wind and I'm history, however its usually the best I can get.

We parked in the Rivermead car park, one exit of which took us through Debenhams department store, and guess what they had on a 25% reduction sale? Yep - shirts. We managed to find the only two which had 20" necks - not ideal as I'd rather have another 1" to play safe with, but I can suffer a few hours at a wedding if need be. Also on sale were some really nice ties, so I bought two of those as well as they were also on 25% off.

Of course we also trolled the other major shops in the hope that we could find some more but we were out of luck. If I had anything below a 17.5" neck I'd be in shirt heaven. All I'd buy would be shirts all weekend...sigh!

On the way back to the car, we passed "Pret A Manger" (I had to look up the spelling on the web), or as I call it, "Pretty Manky" but Ben said that they do really nice crisps there so I asked if he wanted to get some and have a cuppa, to which (for a change) he answered with a yes. Ben had a cup of tea, me a latte, we shared a chocolate covered brunch bar and he shared some of his chilli flavoured crisps. Not letting the moment go to waste, I pulled out the little Muvi camera and proceeded to embarrass him:

After that we came home, had lunch, I assembled the composter in the garden and cleared a space for it, then prepared a fresh Minestrone soup - and damned good it was too, really thick with fresh vegetables, then we have to go for the weekly food shop in Morrison's.

Today the weather has turned sour. I had planned to build a new garden side gate to replace the rotten one & if time allowed we were to go for a short 5-6 mile ride. As I look out the window now its bucketing down, so neither are possible. All I've managed to do constructive is to fix Ben's bedroom light and marinade the chicken & baton the carrots ready for my sooper dooper stir fry tonight.


  1. <3 those accents of yours! Looks like the camera is doing great, wtb videos of you on the trails!

  2. Adrian I liked ure credits very professional mate
    yes it does take quite a bit of time for yotube to load u cant load films that r longer than 10 minutes either