Friday, 7 May 2010

Goring Ride It Route

I just got the GPX data for the Ride It route tomorrow. This is extremely useful because if the weather is crap we can do it another day. It'd be nice to do it tomorrow with lots of other cyclists, but if the gods say "no" then so be it.


  1. 15 miles?!?! You are gonna destroy some of your goals! 50% chance of rain is a bit scary, but here's to hoping it stays shining! Have fun and good luck!

  2. Oh that elevation looks good.....vertical down for the first couple of feet...then bowling green flat :-)

  3. Yeah I think we may break our necks on that downhill slope lol...........splat!

    I'm assuming they did the route on a satnav thingy so Id have thought that the elevations would have been spot on. Either that or when Ride With GPS converted it there was a glitch.

    Looks like a lovely ride too, especially where it follows the Thames.

  4. 350 feet over less than a mile? Ouch!