Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Recipe: Best Stir Fry Sauce Ever

Last Sunday I made a stir fry. I have a number of recipe's that I do but when you get down to the basics, they are all pretty much the same (noodles, meat & veg). So rather than posting the whole recipe, heres the fantastic sauce - well marinade really - I make, which in my opinion is critical to a good stir fry.

0.5 of a cup of BBQ sauce - I use Heinz BBQ sauce
2 tablespoons of Soy Sauce - I use the "Light" variety
2 teaspoons of crushed / powdered Ginger

Mix all of the above together in a bowl and thats it. I then usually chop up chicken breast and put it in the bowl, mix it all together, seal it and leave it in the fridge for at least half an hour. When you're ready, stir fry the lot in a pan. You can work out the vegetables and noodles yourself!

While I'm at it, another thing I find really great for stir fry's is my "Nicer Dicer" which is brilliant for chopping carrots into tiny batons the ideal size for stir fry's. If you haven't got one then for the cost of them they are well worth the few pounds they cost.

...but the sauce is pure win for all my family.


  1. Sounds nice Adrian, will give it a go when my arms allow me back into the kitchen

  2. You'll do anything to get out of cooking Lez.

    I shall try this sauce Mr Sausage, but on your head be it.

  3. No Joby I luv cooking mate, so if u don't like the sauce, ure going to pour it over Adrians head, can u both film this please if this happens, get a lot of hits on youtube

  4. Knowing Joby his camera would pack up lol

  5. Geeesh, I was planning on going on a bike ride, now I am thinking of whipping up some stir fry. :-)

    1. Me too, because eating a stir fry recipe makes you forget what you have plan on that day. I want to cook a stir fry recipe like this.

      Best Stir Fry Recipe