Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Exercise Bike Miles II

Mini update & more goals complete.

Once again I got home from work tonight and did 10 miles on the exercise bike before dinner

It was tougher tonight. By the five mile mark I was more tired than yesterday and was going to stop at 6 miles, then I carried on up to 8 miles somehow and finally stopped at 10 miles but more bushed & sweating harder. This is a good thing I guess as the more sweat, the more weight I'm losing.

I get through about a bottle of water while I'm cycling. Takes me roughly 30 minutes to do 10 exercise bike miles.

Just realised I cracked another one of my goals, which is to do 30 cumulative miles on the bike. If I can do another session on it tomorrow then I crack another goal - to do 3 nights on the trot on the bike.


  1. well done - keep it up and you'll be 3 stone 4lbs in no time at all