Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Bought Some Stuff

Popped into Halfords today in High Wycombe and got Ben a new bone dome:
I figured it was a good one to get him as it offers more protection around his head than a normal style helmet. It cost more, but what value do you put on your childs life?

I also got a pair of special cable tie straps specially for attaching bottle cages to bikes without the lugs in the frame. It was a lucky find as I had been pondering how to secure the bottle rack to his bike properly. These things come with threads and screws, and seem to be a great solution.

I also bought a small bottle of light oil. Funny, when I was growing up, my late dad always had oil and grease on hand in the garage or his shed. I guess it was because of his time in the RAF as an aircraft mechanic and his later life working at Vandervell's/GKN so he always knew to have some on hand. As for me the closest I have is WD40 for the door hinges lol.


  1. It looks a solid piece of kit mate

    Would cable ties do the same job

  2. I've got cable ties holding it on there now and they allow it to slip about a bit. These new things I got are a combination of cable tie and jubilee clip so should be tighter.

  3. That sounds a lot better mate