Thursday, 6 May 2010

Aldi Haul

Just got back from Aldi...well I had dinner too, but I was lucky as I didn't realise they shut at 7pm so I just made it in time. Got a decent collection of kit:

1 x cycle computer
2 x pairs of gloves - one red pair and one blue pair
1 x aluminium water bottle & cage for Ben
2 x pairs of cycling glasses with interchangeable lenses; dark, yellow and clear
1 x stirrup pump
1 x under saddle bag & tool kit

Its all really decent gear and Id have said worth every penny if not more. The cycle computer is fantastic with 30 functions - I probably need a degree in Science to use it. I think it does stuff others do for 20 times the cost.

Some of the features:
time, temperature, background light, stopwatch, speed, speed comparison, average speed, max speed, odometer, odometer memory, trip distance, riding time, calorie consumption, fatburn indicator.

The glasses are very cool. With the black lenses, Ben and I together look like the Blues Brothers lol. I wasn't going to get the tool bag but figured the tools were worth the cost and the bag can go under Ben's saddle for his bits and bobs. The only thing I wanted they didn't have were waterproof jackets for Ben and myself, but I'm happy with what I got.


  1. Dude, that computer is awesome! And you'll definitely be able to analyze your rides better now too! I wish there was as good of a sale going on over here!

  2. Adrian u will av to put a pic of u and Ben as the Blues Brothers that will be realy cool mate