Wednesday, 19 May 2010

No Cycling & Being a Fat Boy

Tuesday & Wednesday off, beautiful weather both days, but absolutely gutted I haven't cycled once.

We had the scaffolders round to stick up their stuff, then one gas bloke came around to strip out the old boiler (not the wife) & put a new on in, then another came and then for a short period another, then an electrician, and all the time I had to move stuff out of the way, relocate, relocate. That was Tuesday, culminating at about 6pm when they said there was a problem with the new boiler and it wouldn't work properly but there was no more they could do.

So this morning I got a call to tell me that the manufacturer (Bosch) was coming round to sort it out, but they cant come until tomorrow when I'm at work. I waited in for the scaffolders to come and take their stuff down but they still haven't come. On the plus side having it up gave me the opportunity to clear out the gutters and (hopefully) fix a couple of minor leaks that happen when it rains, then I built a new side garden gate & Cuprinol stained it. I was sweating buckets out there today.

Ben & I were planning to go out for a ride after he finished school, but I was feeling bushed and he'd just had double P.E so he was tired so we didn't go. Plus I had to finish painting / staining the gate. I've still got to fix it on and replace the gate post but that's for another weekend.

By the time we'd tidied up after the installers last night it was too late to cook dinner so I gave in to the rest of the family's wishes and went to Pizza Hut for some take aways. I was bad...very bad! I felt like a stuffed apricot afterwards and no way could I go on the exercise bike. Tonight we had Chili & what with that and today's antics I'm not in an exercise bike frame of mind at all. I dare not weigh myself.

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  1. After u ate all that u felt like
    " a stuffed apricot"
    u must still av bin hungry then mate :-)