Thursday, 24 June 2010

Has Bike - Will Travel

3.30pm - got a phone call from our reception who I had warned to expect a large delivery for me. The bike has show up. On my way down to the ground floor I had 3 people ask me about it as they had seen it on their way past, and when I saw it I was a bit surprised to see it was in its original (I presume) box with "Carrera" on the sides!

I rarely keep boxes my purchases come in. Its not because I hate boxes, but solely because I just haven't the room for them even if I flat packed them. Also my wife would never let me keep any boxes even if I told her it was 'special' in some way.

I couldn't really get the bike out of the box while at work, but I had to open up the top and see my purchase and sure enough its scuffed alright...perhaps a tad more than you'd expect unless your trip to work was via a sandblasting machine or through Broadmoor Prison. Having said that, its not the paint that makes it a good ride, and if I was really really bothered I could strip the bike to bits and send the frame to our factory near Bath for re-powder coating.

Somehow during the night I did my back in - lower right hand side. Only noticed it on when I got to work & its been agony all day but at the very least I'm determined to assemble the bike tonight and give it a go. I'll get some pictures of it up then.

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