Thursday, 1 April 2010

The April Fool

The April Fool

On April Fools Day every year,
I awake in the morning filled with fear.
What dirty tricks are in store for me on this day?
Will people be upset with the ones that I play?

So I get out of bed checking clothes and the floor,
For marbles, toy spiders and things I abhor.
I pour out my cereal and get a mug of hot tea,
Checking the box for Lego bits and the odour of wee.

My work shoes are often the things that I miss,
containing pine cones, tissues or pieces of crisp.
When I get in my car the heater's a worry,
In case when I turn it on it blows out confetti.

When I arrive at the office I relax with a sigh,
Now the worst that can happen has well passed me by.
Its time for me to plan on what I can do,
To my colleagues who will suffer on this April Fool's.

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