Monday, 26 April 2010

Weigh In & Eye Test

Just come back from having my annual Diabetic eye test at the quacks. I hate those things! I'm totally anti anything being put into my eyes, and they put these drops in which make your pupils huge so they can photograph them to see if there are any problems.

Fortunately for me I only live 3 or 4 doors away from the docs so getting home isn't an issue but as soon as you go outside the daylight hurts. This is why they don't allow you to drive or operate machinery for 4 hours afterwards. A real PITA when I have a tender to get in for work tomorrow!

On the plus side, you may notice that there is an extra tab at the top of the page. I stumbled across Google Docs over the weekend and decided to chart my weight loss progress. This morning it had gone down to 219.6 lbs. I'm flabbergasted because as you can see I haven't weighed myself for 4 months and what with Christmas, a large birthday lunch for my brother in law a few weeks ago and generally not a lot of cycling I have still lost weight. In fact I'm pretty damned pleased as I was sure it would have gone up :) .

The chart explains it a load better than just seeing intermittent numbers every few blog posts and its a great impetus to carry on - or rather get started on it again. The only downside is next month is my niece's wedding and that's bound to be a blowout feast akin to a Viking orgy of gluttony and drink.

Okay off now to rest the old peepers as this screen burnsssss my eyesssss...


  1. Man, that is awesome and congrats on the lost weight! How did you add that as a tab?

  2. Well done on the weight loss!

  3. Viking orgy of gluttony and drinking, now your talking. :-)

  4. Top weight loss! Very impressed! :-)