Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Team Sprocket Does Charity Cycle Ride

Yesterday as I was continuing the saga of building the utility room cupboards I was listening to the local radio station "Heart FM". I'm not a particular fan but the missus likes it and I cant be bothered to search for another channel. It annoys me in the car because it seems Heart has a national dominance of local stations and so virtually every channel I switch my car radio to is intercepted by freaking Heart FM.
Anyway I digress. While listening, I caught a bit of an advert for a charity cycle ride. When I had a coffee break I browsed their website and found that on Sunday 6th June there is a charity 3 counties cycle ride commencing and finishing in Bracknell (about 5 miles away).
They are doing three routes, one a 50 mile ride, a less demanding 33 mile route and an easy 13 mile one. I asked Ben if he was interested in entering and he was keen to do the 13 mile route so I am filling in the application for us. We decided that Team Sprocket was going to be the name which would lead us to glory.
The event is organised by the Rotary Club of Bracknell and is in support of 5 local charities; Have a Heart, McMillan Care, Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, The Eyeless Trust and Thames Hospice Care.
The entry is only £7.00 if booked advance and you can be certain the Ben and myself will be harassing people with the sponsorship form for the next couple of months.
Really looking forward to it, although I will have to do some training with Ben on riding on roads beforehand as a lot of the route (which you can see on their website) seems to be down back roads without cycle paths. When I was a nipper schools used to do Cycling Proficiency Tests - kind of an exam/test of how well you could ride a bike and whether you were safe to do so, but I think these must have been stopped.
The ride website is here: http://www.3ccr.org/


  1. Awesome man! Organized events are a lot of fun and I am sure you and Ben will meet a bunch of fun people to ride with! And a 7 pound entrance fee is great and cheap!

  2. Good luck to you and Ben in ure charity bike ride mate.

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