Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Swinley Forest Ride Part 2

The reason for splitting this post into two parts was because for some reason Blogger doesn't seem to like me adding extra photo's. As soon as I tried to add another one, it not only removed it, but it also removed the previous one! After several attempts I gave up and decided to split the post. The Blogger software has other kinks in it too which can make it really annoying, such as mis-formatting fonts and sizes, removing all paragraphs. It's maddening! However, onward with the "finale"....

Our bikes taking a breather while we have lunch

Suitably rested and refreshed we continued on our ride and it was only at this time that we found a marker which we could relate to a point on our map - oh and if you ever go there, print off the map from their website rather than pay mo
ney for exactly the same one in their shop. Whichever you decide its not very practical anyway as there are so few markers to know where you are at any particular time. However now knowing where we were we headed back to the main entrance where ice lollies awaited these two brave adventurers.

Ben enjoying a 'Twister' despite my insistance that it looked like bogeys and cream

Me eating a much more 'manly' chocolate ice lolly as I consider downing it in one go.
Badly need a haircut too!

Following a bit of R&R we hitched the bikes back onto the car (phew! the rack was untouched) and headed home for around mid afternoon. To say that our asses felt like they'd been whipped by an ugly pagan war god, and that our legs felt like strawberry jelly would be putting it mildly. We had only cycled about 5 miles but it was a very hard 5 miles on heavy bikes - at least for us anyway.

Would we do it again? Too freaking right we would. The entrance fee is so cheap to not even be a consideration, and we both really enjoyed ourselves. We are talking about doing it again next weekend if the weathers nice.


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip and a great real mountain biking experience for you and Ben! Your forests look so awesome over there. And 2 pounds is a steal for a full day of riding! We have to park outside the forests and bike in else it costs $10. Are those new bikes? I don't recall seeing either of them!

  2. Nope same old bikes as before mate. I'm still trying to do a bit at a time to Ben's smaller bike but its finding the time at weekends.

  3. Hey, good to see you getting the mountain biking bug, some of those trails look fantastic!

  4. Thanks Justin. Ben loves it and he's been out every day this week down the park mucking around on the small dirt hills. Unfortunately we won't be able to go back to the forest this weekend due to other things going on, but we will go out somewhere for a little while.