Tuesday, 13 April 2010


I chanced upon this website today http://www.mybikelaw.com/

We need more people like this.

Go have a look at some of the cases they have dealt with and if you didn't already, you can get a handle on how thick some drivers actually are behind a wheel. Scares the heck out of me to think they are "in control" of a vehicle capable of going 100mph and killing you at 25% of that speed, which they only do on their driveways.

It's a damned shame they are only based in Carolina, although they can practice in other U.S states and its a no win, no fee basis. Not that I have a need of them seeing as I'm a complete ocean away, but it makes me feel good to know that there are people out there that will stand up for the cyclists rights with a passion because they are cyclists too.

The website also has some basic tips of things to do in an accident. Pretty obvious but its the simple things we tend to forget.

(Bet I dont get my free swag they were offering on their website though lol)

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