Sunday, 25 April 2010

Rain Stops Play

Well today was supposed to be "the hottest day of the year so far" according to all the weather reports. Instead its overcast and belting it down with rain! Indeed even on the news this morning they were talking about todays London Marathon and still saying its going to be a bummer for the runners in the extreme heat. I'm thinking to myself that the commentators must have gone to work blindfolded in a packing crate or something!

We were going to go back to Swinley Forest again today to cycle some more trails but it looks like the rain has put a dampener on that - literally. Hopefully it will clear by midday (although I doubt it) and we can at least go out and do something.


  1. Bloody rain eh!
    Just what does it think it is.... Watering our crops, filling out reservoirs.

    Just remember - if it wasn't for rain - your toilet bowl would be full of poo.

  2. No it wouldnt - Im married. Shes always on about "having to tidy up after us, so that would be a great chance to prove it!

    However as it turned out, it did brighten up, but we decided to work in the garden planting seeds and spraying Bens up and coming new bike.

  3. You mean your missus cleans up your pebble dashing?

    I'm jealous

  4. We had a 100% chance of rain Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday it rained for all of 10 minutes and sunday it didn't rain until about 10pm. So... yea, I guess you can say the weathermen were correct, but when I hear 100% rain, I expect it to be raining all day.