Thursday, 29 April 2010

South Chiltern's "Ride It"

Evans Cycles does a monthly "Ride It" event at different places around the country where they organise routes to cycle around, from long road routes down to short off road courses. On May 8th they are doing a local one to us starting from Goring, which is only a half dozen miles away. I think Ben and I should do the short 15 mile course, which is described as 90% off road. Sounds brilliant!

It costs £11.00 for an adult entry - children are free, so its not cheap but it should be a lot of fun and if I can keep the map they hand out then we'll have an additional route to add to our choices. Kick off starts at 8.30 am so Ben will have to get up earlier than the usual slovenly time he decides to and for a change show more intellect than Neanderthal Man in the mornings. Now there's a challenge!

You get a free energy bar and drink, on site mechanical support, waymarked routes, a free Memory Map O.S map (whatever that is...hope its a pucker map I can read), plus their time in organisation. Probably quite a decent deal really if I think more about it. Not so hot for the missus and eldest son as they'll have to make their own way into work that day muhahahaaaaa!

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  1. Sounds great!I do believe that a "memory map" is a software tool, though they may just be providing printouts. If you get the software, then that will definitely be 11 pounds well spent! And take advantage of the onsite mech support, they should be able to give you a free tune-up!