Friday, 30 April 2010

Old Frame & A Bike Book

As promised, although a bit redundant now, here's a picture of the old frame I was doing up for Ben before we got the "hot rod" last night...which by the way is a beautiful bike and it has 6 more gears than mine!

Anyway that's it. I'm kind of disappointed in a way that I didn't get to finish the build, however that's countered by the practical side which tells me it was going to get too expensive. to have done it cheap would have meant ending up with a bike I was unsatisfied with.

Yesterday in Wycombe town I popped into Waterstones book shop and saw "The Man Who Cycled The World" by Mark Beaumont.

What caught my eye was the picture of him on the front cover as just a few weeks ago I caught an episode of a series on TV of him cycling down the American continent. It was fascinating watching and I deeply regret missing all of the other episodes. I hadn't realised that he'd cycled around the Earth too (sounds more impressive that way I think..."cycled round the Earth").

Anyhow, I bought the book. I can't tell you what it's like as I have only finished the first few pages.


  1. The Cycling the Americas documentary might still be on BBC IPlayer. It is certainly worth looking for. Great series!

  2. That is a cool looking bike. Perhaps you can try and sell it for a few dozen pounds due to its custom paint job and recoup some of your expense on his new bike? That bike sounds cool and I'll have to check out the Iplayer (I assume thats an online video?) You might also want to check out This guy's story on his bike across the world!

  3. Clive: I plan to get both of the films for my birthday in a few months. I love stuff like that, like Charlie Bormans trips and whassisface from Star Wars who did the motorbike trips.

    Stout: Yeah I read a lot of his posts - admittedly I also skipped a few too. Takes a great deal of guts to do something like these two did.

  4. Got to say you done a realy good job on the frame looks realy cool mate shame that it was going to be to expensive to complete.

    I watched The man that cycled the America's he as certainly got loads of spirit and determination. Will be interested to read what you think of this book mate